Shanu Ra Meditation Card

Shanu Ra

From the star in your heart shines forth the rainbow of enlightenment


Shanu Ra or Shamballa


Key Words: Soul Connection, Protection, The Plan.

From the active point within the Universe a sound or light call is sent out. This beam or ray of energy radiates to the colours of the rainbow. The rainbow circle is surrounded by the colour indigo and 4 spiritual masters are standing on the circumference of the circle. These beings represent the 4 aspects of time. They are linked to the wheel of creation and move in time with it. Their thoughts continually keep the circle of colour revolving. They are those who create the universal thought-forms for humanity to receive. Each colour represents a different energy. The outer circle is Purple, representing the spiritual ray, followed by Magenta or bright pink, the cord of devotion, Red, Activity, Golden Yellow the higher mind, Blue passive inclusive, Turquoise the emotions. Green the earth. Yellow the Conscious Mind. Within the rainbow circle is a six pointed star of white light. This star has been a symbol of many religious doctrines since the beginning of time and is is said to represent the soul and it's balancing principle the earth. When one is balanced, the Golden rays can flow freely unimpeded.

INDICATIONS: The energy of your higher Self or Soul is available for you now. Recognise that the different experiences in your life at this time are coming to you for the development and growth of your true spiritual self. The opportunity to link more fully with your soul energy is with you, and any ventures that you are attempting, have the blessing of the higher forces.

SUGGESTIONS: To link more fully with the energy of your Soul, visualise the white star positioned above your head. From that star imagine a beam of golden light flowing down though the central column of your body anchoring you to the ground. See and feel the Golden Yellow light surrounding you, and flowing though every cell and atom in your body. Now imagine yourself standing within the circle of rainbow colours, and sense those colours balancing and healing your mind, your emotions, and your physical body. Keeping the mind focussed on the star above, allow the energies of the guiding masters to harmonise your personal vibration with that of the plan for our beautiful planet earth.

HEALING THE PLANET: The more you are in tune with the energy of your higher self, the more your light will shine out into your environment.

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